Secrets of the Masterclasses. And YOU!

    Last two weeks I had taken a few masterclasses. I was curious why the promotions were dancing all across my social media and what is in it for me...whether the algorithms claiming 'I need help' actually have a point!

    Well, following are the observations.

    1. Most of them start describing horrible, life-crushing problems that the master of the masterclass has been through two summers back - now he is well manicured, talking from the study of his Las Vegas based mansion, all ailments recovered, debts replaced by surpluses, Armani shirt, shapely beard/eyebrows and styled hair.

    Impression: success shows. He/she knows how to turn the table. You don't.

    2. Jargons are thrown like chocolate nutties. New jargons, excellently worded phrases. You're impressed, unless you are evil enough to wonder, what's new here and what skill/idea did I acquire?

    3. Whatever is said in such classes will often profile you just two stages below the divine enlightenment phase. To take that leap where all problems will be solved or won't bother you any longer, you can buy the exorbitantly priced 'advanced' class.

    This is the pattern that I noted, used by many 'master's.

    Nothing against them.

    I nevertheless noted the following, though I didn't get to learn the self-actualisation tricks the classes promised.

    1. Many grooming classes play with people's confidence. Be strong and informed enough to not fall for those.

    2. No level of psychological grooming will get you Kareena Kapoor's skin. You need imported camera, lights, make up for that.

    3. Technology is bliss. But you should be in control.

    4. Presentation and delivery skills can find profound meanings in simple things. Definitely worth learning.

    5. Communication with self is more important than communication with others. That is where point 4 can be put to good use. We need daily inspiration for ourselves first, later for the world.

    6. Whatever be the Outcome points promised, take the opportunity to learn at least 2 extra things by sheer observation if not participation. That's YOUR value for money.

    7. Don't learn everything that you are TAUGHT. Take the liberty to reject a few things that may not apply to you.

    8. Ensure that every learning/workshop/masterclass/conversation/discussion/advice adds to your growth and takes you ahead. These shouldn't ever change you to the extent that you lose access to the beautiful socio-cultural life-learnings you grew up with or believed in, till someone seemingly more successful managed to brainwash you. There is nothing worse that unlearning something precious for a reward that is neither guaranteed, nor meaningful in the long term.


    *** The above is not meant to malign anyone or any business, neither is everything above applicable randomly. This is just to bring up some points bluntly and warn the takers.


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